Vi Novell X anniversary

  • Spain

In 2019, Vi Novell celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The "vi Novell" is the first wine of the harvest and is bottled in November, around the same time as the pig slaughter festival.

Limited edition bottles are produced, and it is a wine that is best enjoyed in the first few months of bottling. To emphasize this ephemeral/temporary concept, new label design is introduced every year. The concept is always centered on the background elements of the festival, the pig and its religious connotations.

Atipus has designed a new label every year, for each edition. To pay tribute to previous editions, nine labels that have been created up to now were reprinted and covered with removable ink. You won't know which label you have received until you scratch off the top layer. To add an extra twist, the tenth label is gold and features a prize.